Another first for RainSoft: new iPad App helps customers sell themselves on system value and ROI

Another first for RainSoft: new iPad App helps customers sell themselves on system value and ROI


Chicago, IL – June 19, 2012 – 2012 is proving to be a banner year for RainSoft and its water treatment dealer network. At WQA Aquatech USA 2012 in March, the company introduced the first salt-free water conditioning system.  The industry’s most significant technology achievement in over 50 years will be sold exclusively by RainSoft dealers.

At the same event, RainSoft showcased its all-new Purely Better Business dealer program with multifaceted product, sales and service support, and a newly expanded lead generation arrangement with The Home Depot.  That initiative already has proven to be a highly popular, primary lead source program among dealers who participate.

Today, RainSoft is introducing another industry first with its iPad ‘App’, which is destined to help dealer representatives turn leads (whether via The Home Depot program or other sources) into water treatment system sales as never before.  The iPad App shifts in-home sales presentations from flip chart to touch-screen.  It puts water quality information and data, system details, calculations, videos and much more at the RainSoft sales person’s fingertips, making it far easier to clearly, concisely walk homeowners through their own water quality problems and treatment solutions.

Interactive iPad App helps buyers see home-specific needs and system payback

RainSoft’s new App turns the iPad into a customer-involving interactive selling tool.  Homeowners can enter their own household cost data, for example, and see resulting totals instantly, automatically calculated and presented to them in seconds.

“This kind of home-specific information is highly compelling,” says Andrew Palframan, RainSoft Vice President.  “It helps a homeowner understand the need for water treatment, and recognize the overall value and hard-number ROI of having it treated with a RainSoft system.”

The iPad App is a captivating tool, streamlining the presentation and making it easier for dealer representatives to provide specific examples of how and why water is costing the homeowner money.  Consumers can input their own reactions and conclusions, and see it all quickly, neatly summarized before a customized water treatment solution is even presented.  Sample iPad screens can be viewed at  Web site visitors can also apply for a live App demonstration.

As home and family specific water quality issues, costs and other information are entered, calculated and summarized, the RainSoft App enables systems with additional, relevant features to be quickly and easily reviewed by the buyer.  It comes complete with instant, comparative cost savings and payback calculations.

“The more a person knows and understands how a product can improve their life, the more likely they are to ready to buy,” sums up Palframan.  “The best part is our new iPad App helps customers get a clear picture and they can do it in their own home.”

About RainSoft

Headquartered in Elk Grove Village, Illinois, RainSoft, a division of Aquion, Inc., is an international company with over 150 authorized and independently owned dealerships in the U.S. and 20 other countries.  The company is dedicated to producing the world’s finest water treatment systems, all of them manufactured in the U.S.A. and backed with the industry’s strongest lifetime warrantees. For more information, visit or call 1-800-RAINSOFT.  For more information on becoming a RainSoft dealer, visit the company’s dealer Web site or call 1-866-4RAINSOFT (866) 472-4676.

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RainSoft’s Lifetime Warranty was a big deal to my reps, because other warranties in the industry were limited to just the tank; not the valve, not the electronics, not everything like RainSoft’s. The iPad app presentation was also huge. It made the pitch books we used with other companies seem prehistoric.

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As soon as we got the test and found out we did have hard water we were very eager to get the system in place.

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