RainSoft University puts new dealers on path to success

RainSoft University puts new dealers on path to success


Chicago, IL – November 19, 2013 – For dealers, there are many reasons why it’s Purely Better Business to do business with RainSoft.  The outstanding selection of innovative products, the flexible financing options and the incredible in-store lead generation program with The Home Depot, are all unique benefits.  And there is RainSoft University, the exceptional dealer training and support network program that separates the company from other water treatment manufacturers.

A week-long program designed to prepare dealers so their businesses can be successful, RainSoft University recently graduated 17 people representing 13 dealerships from 11 states and the Dominican Republic.

“We hosted a very enthusiastic group for five days and they left Chicago ready to invest new ideas and plans into their dealerships,” said John Nebelle, Manager of Sales Administration.

“RainSoft University is an education packed event that we typically conduct twice a year and is mandatory for all new dealers.  We have knowledgeable instructors who teach the key facets of our business and build in other events where everyone is engaged.  Overall, it allows them to become more comfortable and in tune with our organization and provides opportunities to share experiences with their dealer peers and corporate support staff.”

Classroom sessions each day focused on all aspects of the business.  RainSoft personnel and instructors from Dave Yoho and Associates, a business consulting firm specializing in the building products and home improvement industry, led information packed classroom seminars.

Multiple sessions on the first day focused on how to run a profitable home improvement business. The next day, dealers were introduced to the science of successful in-home selling and included marketing and lead generation skill sets.

After a thorough examination of water treatment technology and RainSoft products to open the third day, attention shifted to advice on financial management and accounting and the service and installation departments.  The final full day featured classes in recruiting, sales management, new business and marketing plans, plus a demonstration of RainSoft’s highly successful iPad presentation.

A factory tour and a couple of group dinners after class helped make the dealers more comfortable and broaden their knowledge about the company.  On the final day of class, a graduation lunch ceremony was held where each dealer received their diploma from Andrew Palframan, senior vice president and general manager of RainSoft.

Several of the new dealers indicated the training exceeded their expectations.

“RainSoft supplied us with a tremendous amount of information, more than I expected.  I didn’t realize how much of the material went into the marketing side of the business,” said Chris Hall, Manager of Earl‘s Water Treatment Services (www.795earl.com) in Lubbock, Texas.

Hall is a 25-year veteran of the food service business, working with restaurants in a few capacities and as a food broker before switching to water treatment.

“I come from a different background so the various sessions, especially Scott Harmon’s customer service presentation, were really beneficial.  Learning about business planning and listening to what other owners had to say was invaluable.”

William Efird, owner of Cascade Clear Water (www.cascadeh2o.com) in Beaverton, Oregon, discovered the water business a year ago after working in the heating and cooling industry most of his life.

“I’ve been involved in the distributor/dealer game for awhile and I found the RainSoft materials to be reality branded.  The marketing and financial sessions were very good, and I am beginning to implement what I learned from the best practices in hiring and training portions.”

About RainSoft

Headquartered in Elk Grove Village, Illinois, RainSoft, a division of Aquion, Inc., is an international company with over 150 authorized and independently owned dealerships in the U.S. and 20 other countries.  The company is dedicated to producing the world’s finest water treatment systems, all of them manufactured in the U.S.A. and backed with the industry’s strongest lifetime warrantees.  For more information on becoming a RainSoft dealer, inquire via e-mail (opportunity@rainsoft.com), toll-free phone: 1-800-RAINSOFT or by visiting www.rainsoftdealer.com.

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RainSoft’s Lifetime Warranty was a big deal to my reps, because other warranties in the industry were limited to just the tank; not the valve, not the electronics, not everything like RainSoft’s. The iPad app presentation was also huge. It made the pitch books we used with other companies seem prehistoric.

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As soon as we got the test and found out we did have hard water we were very eager to get the system in place.

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